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Blog 10.11.2023.

Luštica Bay: The Jewel of Montenegro’s Coast

At the entrance of the breathtaking Bay of Kotor and bordered by the Adriatic Sea, Luštica Bay is not just a destination, but an experience. The Mediterranean climate here offers visitors a year-round retreat that balances relaxation and adventure. Start your journey seamlessly with a comfortable and convenient car rental from Montenegrocar and explore all this beautiful waterfront marina village has to offer.

What better way to explore this beautiful neighbourhood and the places that surround it, than with one of the luxury vehicles from our fleet? From the elegant Mercedes S Class to the roomy Mercedes Viano and rugged Mercedes G Class, our fleet caters to all preferences and purposes, ensuring your journey in Luštica Bay is as stylish as it is comfortable. But we're more than just a car hire service; consider us your gateway to Montenegro's elite attractions, offering recommendations to enrich your exploration of our country.

Savour the Flavors of Luštica Bay


One of the highlights of Luštica Bay is its culinary scene. At the heart of this gastronomic paradise is Ribarsko Selo, a must-visit establishment that offers more than just a meal. The ambience of the complex, with its idyllic swimming and sunbathing area, complements the fine dining experience. After a delectable meal, coffee lovers and those with a penchant for sweet treats can immerse themselves in the local café culture. Picture this: a creamy espresso, or perhaps a frothy cappuccino, sipped as you gaze out over the marina, yachts bobbing on the shimmering waters—this is a typical morning in Luštica Bay.

When the sun begins to dip, make your way to The Spot, an all-day brasserie that promises a refreshing dining experience. Transitioning from the sun-kissed marina promenade to the rustic charm of its interior, The Spot serves up satisfaction with a menu rich in locally sourced herbs and creative mixology. Cap off your evening with their collection of regional wines or a curated selection of international spirits, ensuring every moment at Luštica Bay is steeped in indulgent memories. The blend of the view, the breeze, and the flavours is nothing short of magical.

Nestled on a cliff-carved terrace, The Rok Beach Bar and Lounge is Montenegro's premier coastal spot for Asian cuisine, signature sushi, and relaxed bites. As the Adriatic Sea stretches before you, unwind with inventive cocktails and chilled wines in this rustic yet refined haven, perfect for capturing sunsets or basking in moonlit gatherings.

Kiki's at Luštica Bay has swiftly ascended as a culinary beacon, delighting diners with its fusion of Mediterranean flair and Montenegrin hospitality. At the helm is the vibrant Federica Scolari—'Kiki'—whose passion for Italian gastronomy and warm guest interactions make every meal an intimate feast for the senses.


As for the accommodation, Luštica Bay is designed to immerse you in the comfort and style of Montenegrin living, offering a range of sophisticated options from chic apartments to luxurious private villas.

In between serene seas and towering peaks, The Chedi Luštica Bay is the epitome of luxury on the Montenegrin coast, offering guests an array of exquisite 5-star rooms and suites, complete with world-class dining and leisure facilities. With its private beach, sumptuous spa, and panoramic pools, this prestigious hotel promises an opulent stay, wrapped in the warmth of Montenegrin hospitality.

Embrace the coastal charm in Luštica Bay Apartments, from studios to spacious three-bedroom apartments, where modern amenities meet the serenity of seaside living. Each home is a haven of comfort with stunning sea views, designed for both short escapades and extended stays, placing you at the heart of Montenegro's breathtaking natural beauty and a stone's throw from vibrant local hubs.

Near the coast of Luštica Bay is an island-turned-hotel - Mamula Island Hotel. This storied isle has been transformed into a boutique sanctuary, where every element has been thoughtfully restored and infused with the essence of refined hospitality, inviting you to reconnect with your passions against the backdrop of its cultural legacy.

Blue Cave

For those with a spirit of adventure, the Blue Cave awaits. Accessible by a short cruise, this natural marvel astonishes visitors with its luminous water and towering stones. It's a photographer's haven and a nature lover's delight. Dive in, swim, or simply admire—every angle offers a new perspective of its beauty.

A Blend of Heritage and Leisure

Beyond the food and natural beauty, Luštica Bay thrives as a cultural hotspot. The traditional Mediterranean architecture that inspires its neighbourhoods blends seamlessly with the contemporary comforts of shopping, dining, and sports facilities. From apartments to villas, Luštica Bay's residences reflect the charm and elegance of the region, making it a cosmopolitan community that is as welcoming as it is diverse.

Accessibility and Beyond

With the convenience of being within driving distance of three international airports, Luštica Bay serves as a gateway to explore Montenegro's lush national parks, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and historic trails. Whether you're meandering through ancient olive groves or mingling with the locals, renting a car from Montenegrocar will ensure you have the freedom to discover at your own pace.

Whether you're in search of peace or pining for adventure, Luštica Bay offers a haven that caters to every whim. As your day unwinds and you reflect on the myriad experiences, consider Montenegrocar your trusted partner in exploration, offering the liberty to traverse the breathtaking landscapes of Montenegro, from the serene Luštica Bay and beyond.

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