Special offer 12.04.2022.

Mercedes Benz VITO TOURER 111 CDI

The Mercedes Benz VITO TOURER 111 CDI is one of the most popular models in our fleet. It is designed for seven passengers which makes it an ideal vehicle for organized groups or families. The safety equipment of this car with technically advanced systems will make you feel safe and fully enjoy the journey. The engine for this model is standard for Mercedes cars, but it is adapted for use in vans. The rear-wheel drive transmission contributes to greater safety and better traction on slippery surfaces. Powerful engine and technical performance, solid and comfortable seats and an improved navigation system make this car a perfect choice for groups or when you want extra comfort while traveling. Unparalleled quality, safety standards and design is what makes the Mercedes Benz VITO TOURER 111 CDI stand out from similar models of other manufacturers. Ease of operation and visibility will make you enjoy every moment of travel. More about Mercedes Benz VITO TOURER 111: https://www.montenegrocar.me/me/flota/

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