Special offer 12.04.2022.

Toyota LAND CRUISER 3.0D - 4D

This timeless Toyota model is conceived as an indestructible car of incredible performance and ultimate off-road capabilities. This model has an impeccable reputation for a reliable and comfortable car, suitable for the whole family. It is easy to operate, powerful and fast - always an attractive choice for drivers. Its engine belongs to a selected group of diesel V8 engines and uses dual low-inertia turbochargers. It is all-wheel drive with a built-in automatic transmission which makes it ideal for touring hard-to-reach places.This spacious and comfortable car is a great choice for group travel, and the solid shock absorbers provide extra safety even at higher speeds. The navigation system, automatic air conditioning, a large trunk and front parking sensors are features that will help you decide on this type of vehicle, especially if you have a long drive ahead of you.Learn more about Toyota LAND CRUISER 3.0D - 4D: https://www.montenegrocar.me/me/flota/

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