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Blog 12.10.2023.

Gems Neighbouring Montenegro

Our vibrant homeland, renowned for its stunning landscapes and warm hospitality, is merely the beginning of your adventurous journey. While the beauty of Montenegro is boundless, the treasures neighboring us are also worth exploring. Rent our reliable and comfortable vehicles and go on an extended adventure, allowing you to weave through the scenic routes of not only Montenegro but also to delve into the charming vistas awaiting just across our borders. Stick with us as we guide you through a handful of must-visit spots, ensuring your trip is as enchanting and versatile as the landscapes you'll explore. Let’s drive beyond the known and uncover the hidden gems together.

Dubrovnik, the Pearl of the Adriatic

This charming town on the southern coast of Croatia is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the Mediterranean. Its roots trace back to the 7th century, and its rich history can be witnessed in every stone of its awe-inspiring Old Town. The entire Old Town of Dubrovnik is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Encircled by massive stone walls completed in the 16th century, this ancient city is a tapestry of historic architecture. The main street in Dubrovnik, Stradun, is the perfect place to enjoy a leisurely walk, absorb the city's vibrant atmosphere, or indulge in some local ice cream.

To travel from Montenegro to Dubrovnik, take the scenic coastal route along the Adriatic Sea, passing through picturesque towns like Budva and Sveti Stefan. You can also start the trip and rent a car in Herceg Novi which borders Croatia. Do not forget to visit the tranquil Cavtat before reaching Dubrovnik, ensuring to check the visa and border-crossing requirements in advance. The journey offers a delightful mix of historic charm, natural beauty, and local culture.

When you arrive with your rented car, parking can be a challenge, especially during the tourist season, due to the city's layout and regulations. If you want to save some money, you should avoid parking near the Old Town during the season and instead opting for locations like the Dubrovnik Center Parking provides a balance of convenience and cost-effectiveness. Another amazing way to have a thrilling time in Dubrovnik is to go on a ride in a cable car. Dubrovnik Cable Car services are top notch and will leave lasting memories. Here are your best bets, especially during the bustling summer months.

Near the Old Town:

Buža Parking and Gradac Parking: Just outside the city walls, these charge approximately 5.5-10 euros per hour, with peak season seeing the higher end of this range.

Pile Gate Parking: Closer to the heart of the Old Town, expect to pay between 6.7-10 euros per hour, contingent on the season.

Dubrovnik Center Parking: Situated near several shopping hubs and a brief bus journey from the Old Town. Rates are about 2.7 euros per hour, or 27 euros for an entire day. Given its balanced offering of convenience and cost, it's highly recommended, especially if you book in advance during the tourist season.

Port of Gruž: Perfect for those eyeing a jaunt to the adjacent islands. The hourly rate sits at about 3.3 euros. However, reaching the Old Town can be a bit of a stretch given the bus commute times.

Dubrovnik City Garage: This underground choice is a stone’s throw from the Old Town, positioned at Ilijina Glavica. Expect to shell out 4-6 euros per hour, and anywhere between 48-67 euros for the entire day, season dependent. For more detailed information about parking, check out the following link with parkings in Dubrovnik.

Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Trebinje is one of the most picturesque towns in Bosnia and Herzegovina, nestled in the country’s southern part near the border with Croatia and Montenegro. Surrounded by the dramatic backdrop of the Orjen and Leotar mountains, the town is famed for its Old Town Mičevac with Ottoman-era architecture, the serene Trebišnjica River, and ancient monasteries like Tvrdos and Dobrićevo Monastery. With vineyards, riverside promenades, Arslanagića Bridge, and centuries-old plane trees adorning its squares, Trebinje offers a captivating blend of nature, history, and culture. Plus, exploring the town's marketplace allows visitors to immerse themselves in local life, where transactions are typically made using the Bosnian Convertible Mark (BAM), the national currency.

Starting by renting a car in Kotor, Montenegro, a route to Trebinje encompasses scenic views of Boka Bay and quaint stops along the coast like Perast and Herceg Novi. After crossing the border and perhaps exchanging some euros for BAM at a local currency exchange office or bank, one can delve into the rich history and serene landscapes of Trebinje. The town offers several parking options, both in the central areas and near major landmarks, ensuring visitors can comfortably explore its ancient monasteries, old town, and Osman-Pasha Mosque without fretting over their vehicles.

The Accursed Mountains, the Border of Montenegro, Albania, and Kosovo

The Accursed Mountains, also known as the "Prokletije" or "Bjeshkët e Nemuna", span the border regions of Albania, Montenegro, and Kosovo. Renowned for their rugged beauty and dramatic peaks, these mountains are among Europe's most untouched and remote ranges. Offering a pristine landscape characterized by deep valleys, glistening glacial lakes, and traditional villages, the Accursed Mountains are a haven for trekkers and adventurers seeking untouched wilderness, with the Theth to Valbona trail in Albania being a particularly popular hiking route. The highest peak of the Prokletije (Accursed Mountains) is Maja Jezercë. It stands at an elevation of 2,694 meters and is located in Albania. It's the highest mountain in Albania and one of the prominent peaks in the entire Dinaric Alps chain.

Driving to the Accursed Mountains involves travelling through a combination of well-maintained roads and more challenging mountain routes. If you're starting from our capital, rent a car in Podgorica and head towards the town of Gusinje, which is close to the Albanian border. This is one of the main entry points into the Prokletije from Montenegro. From there, you can proceed to the nearby small town - Plav, another popular gateway into the Accursed Mountains. From Kosovo, you can approach through the town of Peja, while from Albania, the town of Shkodër serves as a convenient starting point, both offering roads that lead closer to the mountains. As you get deeper into the mountains and more remote areas, roads can be narrow, winding, and less maintained. Moreover, from the Albanian side, the SH20 road gives access up to Theth and other nearby areas, but it's essential to note the road's condition, especially after rain. In some regions, you might encounter gravel roads. During winter, some roads might be closed due to snow or challenging conditions, so always check local advice before travelling. For traversing challenging mountain roads, especially off-road paths, a 4x4 vehicle is recommended. It provides better traction and can handle rough terrains more efficiently than standard cars, so be sure to check out the list of our off-road vehicles.

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mostar is a historic city in Bosnia and Herzegovina best known for the iconic Stari Most (Old Bridge), a 16th-century Ottoman bridge that arches gracefully over the emerald waters of the Neretva River. This revered landmark not only serves as a vital connection between the Muslim and Christian parts of the city but also as a stage for a daring local tradition - bridge jumping in Mostar. For centuries, young men have been taking the brave leap from the 24-meter-high bridge into the river below, a rite of passage and a test of courage. In recent times, this tradition has transformed into an annual competition attracting participants and tourists from around the globe. Winners of the competition are prized not just with monetary rewards, but also with local acclaim and honor. This UNESCO World Heritage site has become a symbol of reconciliation and coexistence in the aftermath of the Balkan conflicts. Its old town, with landmarks like the Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque and the Muslibegović House, is brimming with cobbled streets, bazaars, and Ottoman-era architecture. With its rich history, multicultural heritage, and blend of Eastern and Western traditions, Mostar stands as a city of contrasts, resilience, and beauty.

To reach Mostar, you can rent a car in Nikšić and travel through Trebinje, Stolac, and Blagaj. The route offers a blend of scenic views, historical sites, and rich Balkan culture. When in Mostar, parking is available in several lots around the city. The most convenient options are near the Old Bazaar and the Musala area. On average, parking fees range from 1-2 euros per hour, but daily rates can be more economical. Given Mostar's compact nature, once parked, most of the city's major attractions, including the Stari Most, are within walking distance.

Tara National Park, Serbia

Tara National Park, located in western Serbia, is one of the country’s most prized natural areas. It spans over 25,000 hectares and offers a rich mosaic of ecological, cultural, and historical values. Due to its unique biodiversity, including the endemic Pancic's Spruce and a habitat for brown bears, it has been the subject of extensive conservation efforts. It is designated as a UNESCO-protected biosphere reserve, emphasizing its significance in global biodiversity preservation. The park features the dramatic Drina River Canyon, picturesque lakes like Zaovine and Perućac, and the iconic Banjska Stena Viewpoint. With a mix of cultural heritage sites, such as traditional wooden houses and monasteries, and plenty of hiking trails, Tara offers a unique blend of natural beauty and history, making it a top destination for nature and history enthusiasts. For those looking to stay overnight, Tara boasts a range of accommodations from luxury hotels to cozy lodges. Hotel Omorika and TaraVista are among the top-rated with splendid views and modern amenities, while the ethno-villages provide a more rustic and authentic experience.

To start your journey, rent a car in Bijelo Polje and cross the border near Prijepolje. The main roads leading to Tara National Park are well-maintained and easily accessible, but some internal routes, especially those leading to viewpoints or specific trailheads, can be narrow and winding. It takes about 4-5 hours, and we recommend a 4x4 vehicle if you want to explore more remote areas of the park or if you plan on taking any off-road adventures.

Prizren, Kosovo

Prizren is one of the most historic and culturally vibrant cities in Kosovo. It is nestled at the foot of the Sharr Mountains and is renowned for its blend of Ottoman, Byzantine, and Albanian heritage. As you wander its ancient streets, you'll be captivated by the beautifully preserved stone bridges and old water fountains. Key attractions include the towering Sinan Pasha Mosque with its intricate interiors, the ancient Prizren Fortress offering panoramic views over terracotta rooftops, and the lively Shadërvan Square, bustling with cafes and local craftsmen. Additionally, the UNESCO-listed Church of Our Lady of Ljeviš stands as a testament to the city's Byzantine roots, with its exquisite frescoes echoing tales from a bygone era. Every year, Prizren hosts Dokufest, a prominent international film festival that sees the town abuzz with filmmakers and cinephiles.

From Podgorica, the route to Prizren takes you through Albania, with scenic stops at Skadar Lake and the historic town of Shkodër, known for its impressive Rozafa Castle. The Komani Lake Ferry in Albania provides not just a mode of transport but a picturesque journey showcasing dramatic cliffs and untouched landscapes. Closer to Prizren, the winding paths of Rugova Canyon offer breathtaking vistas. When you reach Prizren, there are several parking options available. Most central areas offer on-street parking with meters, typically charging around 0.50 euros per hour. However, for longer stays, it's advisable to use the city's public parking lots, which charge a daily rate averaging 2-3 euros. Some hotels also offer their own parking facilities, so it's worth checking in advance. Alternatively, find the attraction that suit you best on the Prizren Tripadvisor page.


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