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Rent a Car Andrijevica to Discover Stunning Mountains

Car rental Andrijevica, transfer services and Montenegro rent a car Andrijevica

Rent a Car Andrijevica - Montenegrocar agency is your best choice when it comes to car rental or transfer services in Andrijevica. Our unique car hire service is what we are recognized for in Montenegro and the region. We offer Economy, Premium and Lux class cars, short-term or long-term rental services, airport transfer or transport to the desired location, anytime.

Whether you are traveling for work, pleasure or vacation, the Montenegrocar agency will meet all your wishes. Instead of public transport or taxi services in Andrijevica, using rent a car Montenegro or transfer services will allow you more flexibility in exploring this beautiful city, as well as reduce the costs.

We proudly offer a specialized, accurate, personalized transfer service to the airport or some other desired location. We especially emphasize the transfer service from the airports in Podgorica, Tivat, Dubrovnik and Tirana, quickly and efficiently.

Montenegrocar services in Andrijevica:

  • rent a car and car rental
  • transfers to and from the airport
  • driver transport services

Our fleet:

We offer a large number of various car models for every occasion. Once you have made a tour plan, you can contact us to get all the necessary information about the vehicles and choose the best quality and the best offer.

Lux class cars – Car rental Andrijevica

Mercedes Benz Vito Tourer

Mercedes GLE

Toyota Land Cruiser

Premium car class – Car rental Andrijevica

Mazda CX-3

Škoda Superb

Mazda 3 Plus

Economy class cars - Rent a Car Andrijevica

Toyota Yaris 1.5 VVT

Mazda 2

Volkswagen Polo 1.2

We provide special cars for every occasion in Montenegro, with the service of a personal driver. We have prepared a special business offer for corporate clients.

Our driver will be waiting for you at the agreed place, whether it is the airport, office, or hotel, and will safely take you to the desired location.

With our comfortable, safe vehicles, which you can rent at an affordable price, each of your trips will be a story for itself.

Travel with style and enjoy the comfort

All our cars are impeccably clean and regularly serviced, and after each use, they are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. While driving, cold refreshments are also available to all passengers.

For complete comfort and enjoyment of driving, at your request we can provide WI-FI, child seats and additional facilities for children so that even the youngest can enjoy the ride. In addition, our drivers will be at your service and will help you with luggage at the airport or hotel.

If you need a consultation before booking a car hire or transfer, contact our Customer Service, which is at your service non-stop.

Transfer Montenegro - Croatia and Croatia - Montenegro; airports Podgorica, Tivat, Tirana

We provide the Andrijevica-Dubrovnik transfer service and the Dubrovnik-Andrijevica transfer service for you. The distance between Andrijevica and Dubrovnik is 258 km. We also offer a transfer service from Andrijevica to the International Airport Ćilipi, 277 km away, We offer transfer on the route Andrijevica - Tivat 202 kilometers, Andrijevica - Podgorica 128km, Andrijevica - Tirana 217km. You will enjoy our safe cars, the service of a professional driver and the drive to the airport.

About Andrijevica

Andrijevica is located in northeastern Montenegro. In the 2011 census it had 1,048 inhabitants. Andrijevica is the center of the same name municipality and enjoys the status of an unofficial center of Vasojević regions.

Information about Andrijevica

Andrijevica is a relatively young settlement, as its first conceptions began just in the middle of the 19th century. They are located in the area of this municipality Komovi, Prokletije, Bjelasica, rivers Lim, Zlorečica and Kraljštica.This settlement extends to 42.73 ° N 19.79 ° E.

Activities in Andrijevica that we recommend:

Excursions - Montenegro Tourist Service

Hotels in Andrijevica that we recommend:

Hotel Komovi

Zvjezdana dolina Garni Hotel

Glamping Zvjezdana dolina

Restaurants in Andrijevica that we recommend:

Bandovića Bridge

Dubirog Perović

A town of a distinctly mountainous character tucked in the embrace of the most beautiful Montenegrin massifs

At the mouth of Zlorečica and Lim, the town of Andrijevica, named after the church of Andrijevna from the defiant tribe of Vasojević, is in the embrace of the most beautiful mountains of the Montenegrin massif. But this is just one of the assumptions. Andrijevica may be named after Miroslav's son Andrija Nemanjić (1250), who built a monastery on Dobra rijeka, later called Zlorečica on Grac. The town itself is not very old. As an urban settlement, it began to develop only in the middle of the 19th century, although it has its roots in the Neolithic. Andrijevica is not only a mountain town, but an extremely important cultural point where the second state school in Montenegro was opened in 1863, and 29 years later, even the first reading room in the north of Montenegro and the second in the country.

This area has been marked by many battles, turmoil, the heritage of ancient tribes was "overturned", but we believe that the common denominator of all ages and chronologies was the ideal environment for "breathing techniques" and enjoying the many things that nature has selflessly given. Despite the fact that in the past centuries there were no "tourist" words suitable for all the activities that Andrijevica and its surroundings offer, now this young town in terms of urbanism, has a developed offer for fishing, hiking, extreme sports, cycling, horseback riding and everything that you could wish for.

It is a sin not to try Andrijevica's kačamak (traditional meal made of corn flour), lamb (specially prepared), cream, cheese, drenched with the famous Vasojevići's jardum (dairy specialty) and sour milk.

The events reflect the good neighborly relations and customs of the people of Andrijevica, and it should be noted that they are good hosts, whose festivities unite the love of mountaineering tourism, sports, gastronomy and fishing. And their number is to be commended, such as: Events for  - the 1st of May, traditional People's Assembly of Knjaževac, Lim Regatta, Days of Beekeepers of Andrijevica, Days of Raspberries of Andrijevica, Vidovdan Night Football Tournament, Football Tournament "Game against oblivion", Small Tournament football, Jeep safari, Mountaineering Memorial of Vasojevićki Kom, Fly Fishing "International Memorial - Milan Mile Radoičić", Folklore Festival Kralje, Scout Festival Kralje, Andrijevica's Open Table Tennis Championship - Kralje.

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