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Short or Long Term Rent a Car Montenegro – We Can Figure It All Out

We currently offer several car hire models of cooperation:

Rent a car Montenegro business models:

  • Short-term rental model - a classic short-term car rental. Please enter the date, time and place of rental, as well as the category of vehicle you are interested in.
  • One-way rental - available in Montenegro and abroad and is subject to a fee for additional service and prior notice to our agents.
  • Monthly rental - Rent a car for a month or longer - we offer tailor made packages to corporate customers.
  • Medium-term rental - Car hire for three or six months or a year.
  • Operating leases - Long-term leases are considered the most popular form of vehicle ownership in corporate world. offers long-term rentals - i.e. over a year - you choose the car that meets all your standards. Let us know what you want to have - characteristics of the vehicle, the rental period (from 12 to 50 months), and any additional service you wish to include.

We offer - Skoda, Volkswagen, Toyota, and SEAT. Rent a car from abroad - book a vehicle through our booking platform. You pick up the vehicle abroad, with a voucher, and you make the payment through payment transactions in our country.


The car rental agreement, signed by the service user and the lessor, before taking over the vehicle, contains all relevant information about the vehicle, user data, location of picking up the vehicle, date and time of picking up and returning the vehicle, rental price, payment method, list of accessories and service, insurance included in the price, deposit amount, information about the driver and additional driver, if any. By signing the contract, the user accepts all the general terms of the lessor set out in all branches and on the lessor's official website, and the lessor approves the use of the vehicle to the person specified in the contract as the user. The contract expires when the user delivers the rented vehicle to a pre-agreed place, hands over the documents and keys to the lessor or an authorized person by the lessor. In the event of a traffic accident, the contract ceases to be valid once the client submits a complete police report.

Vehicle condition form

When taking over and returning the vehicle, the user and the lessor state, on a special form or in the contract, all important information about the condition of the vehicle before and after renting/returning the vehicle, condition of mileage and equipment, fuel, any damages before and after renting the vehicle, and any deficiencies in the vehicle.

Length of rent

The minimum car hire length is 1 day (24h).
Return of the vehicle is possible even before the expiration of the minimum duration of the rent, but in that case, the calculation of the debt shall be calculated for the minimum duration.The pick-up and drop-off times must be the same, with a tolerance of up to 30 minutes. After the vehicle return tolerance time ends, a new vehicle rental day shall be calculated.To extend the lease beyond the agreed date, it is necessary to contact the agent and obtain his/her consent to the extension of the rent. The rental of the vehicle can be shortened with prior notice to the landlord, whereby the landlord reserves the right to collect a penalty up to the amount of two days of rent. Longer rentals are arranged directly at special prices.

Reservation, collection and return of vehicles

The vehicle is picked up and returned at the lessor's offices.You can change the reservation, free of charge, provided that you notify the Agency of such intention at least 24 hours before the start of the car rental.The rent can be extended at the lessor's office or through the reservation system at least 24 hours before it expires. The price of the lease extension is determined according to the valid price list of the lessor. Delivery and collection of vehicles outside the marked locations (lessor's office) are charged separately as an additional service and are arranged according to a special procedure. When taking over and returning the vehicle, the customer shall sign the vehicle inspection form
Issuance and return of vehicles outside the business hours of the branch is charged extra.The rental period ends with bringing the vehicle to the lessor's office, handing over the vehicle keys and registration documents to the agent or other representative of the lessor. Any return of the vehicle before the date and time specified in the rental agreement is not subject to a refund. When the user returns the vehicle to the lessor, the lessor inspects the car together for the service user and signs a report on the damage if the damage has occurred during the rental of the vehicle. In the event that the vehicle is not returned on the day specified in the rental agreement and if you do not immediately notify the lessor of the of the delayed return, the lessor shall consider the vehicle to be illegally appropriated and has the right to report the case to the competent authorities. In that case, the lessor has the right to charge each additional day according to the current rental tariff, if the user does not prove that he no longer disposes of the vehicle through no fault of his own or that the return of the vehicle was not his fault. In these cases, the lessor has the right to initiate court proceedings to request the immediate return of the vehicle used contrary to the General Terms and Conditions of Rent and the Rent Agreement.

The insurance does not cover tires, windshield, damage to the underside of the car and the interior. Parking and traffic fines shall be borne by the client. Loss of keys or documents is charged 500.00 euros. The use of vehicles outside the territory of Montenegro is possible only with the consent expressed by the lessor in the rent agreement. If the lessor consents to taking the vehicle beyond the borders of Montenegro, that shall be stated in the rent agreement, and an applicable fee shall be charged as per valid price list of the lessor. If the user does not have a consent to leave Montenegro, the user shall inform the lessor of his intention, as the car cannot be taken outside Montenegro without the lessor's consent in writing. Crossing the state border without consent entails the loss of all insurance agreed at the beginning of the lease. The vehicle is picked up and returned with the same amount of fuel. When returning the vehicle, the missing fuel is charged according to the valid price list, as well as the refueling service at a price of 15.00 euros.
According to the user's choice, when booking or picking up the vehicle in the lessor's offices, additional services and additional equipment are charged additionally according to the price list. The lessor reserves the right to replace the vehicle which shall not be of lower class and lower equipment than the reserved one.The lessor has the right, in case the service user did not show up or canceled the reservation in the last 24 hours before taking over the vehicle, to charge the user a fee for late cancellation/no show, equal to one day rental price and a minimum of 30.00 euros. The No-show is also valid if the user has not picked up the vehicle within one hour from the reserved time/date, unless there is a justified delay that the user may prove.The user can cancel the reservation free of charge up to 24 hours before the start of the rental. For all rent a car Montenegro extensions longer than 24 hours, the user shall sign a new rent agreement according to the valid price list. The rental price includes VAT, as well as CDW (collision damage waiver) insurance.


The deposit shall be mandatory - cash or credit card, or bank transfer to the lessor's account before renting the vehicle. The deposit amount shall be determined depending on the group of vehicles being rented. The deposit shall be returned upon collection of the vehicle from the client and once no damage to the exterior and interior of the vehicle (bumpers, sills, doors, windshield, etc.) has occurred, and if all contractual obligations and General terms and conditions of vehicle use have been met.


Car rental price list: an internal act of the lessor that contains the amount of car rental depending on the group of vehicles and the length of the rental. Price list for collection of damages: internal act of the lessor which contains the amounts of damages and compensations for all vehicles of the lessor, which the lessor calculates under the lease agreement in case of damages not covered by the insurance. The car hire period of the vehicle may be shortened with prior notice to the lessor, whereby the lessor reserves the right to collect the penalty worth two days of rent. Longer rent a car Montenegro packages are arranged directly and are subject to special prices.

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