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Rent a Car Gusinje and Discover the Natures Wonders

Car rental Gusinje, transfer services and Montenegro rent a car Gusinje

Rent a Car Gusinje - Montenegrocar agency is your best choice when it comes to car rental or transfer services in Gusinje. Our unique car hire service is what we are recognized for in Montenegro and the region. We offer Economy, Premium and Lux class cars, short-term or long-term rental services, airport transfer or transport to the desired location, anytime.

Whether you are traveling for work, pleasure or vacation, the Montenegrocar agency will meet all your wishes. Instead of public transport or taxi services in Gusinje, using rent a car Montenegro or transfer services will allow you more flexibility in exploring this beautiful city, as well as reduce the costs.

We proudly offer a specialized, accurate, personalized airport or transfer service to your desired location. We especially emphasize the transfer service from the airports in Podgorica, Tivat, Dubrovnik and Tirana, quickly and efficiently.

Montenegrocar services in Gusinje

  • rent a car and car rental
  • transfers to and from the airport
  • driver transport services

Our fleet:

We offer a large number of various car models for every occasion. Once you have made a tour plan, you can contact us to get all the necessary information about the vehicles and choose the best quality and the best offer.

Lux class cars – Rent a car Gusinje

Mercedes Benz Vito Tourer

Mercedes GLE

Toyota Land Cruiser

Premium car class – Transfer Gusinje

Mazda CX-3

Škoda Superb

Mazda 3 Plus

Economy class cars – Car rental Gusinje

Toyota Yaris 1.5 VVT

Mazda 2

Volkswagen Polo 1.2

We provide special cars for every occasion in Montenegro, with the service of a personal driver. We have prepared a special business offer for corporate clients.

Our driver will be waiting for you at the agreed place, whether it is an airport, office, or hotel, and will provide you with a professional transport service to the desired location.

With our comfortable, safe vehicles, which you can rent at an affordable price, each of your trips will be a story for itself.

Travel with style and enjoy the comfort

All our cars are impeccably clean and regularly serviced, and after each use, they are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. While driving, cold refreshments are also available to all passengers.

For complete comfort and enjoyment of driving, at your request we can provide WI-FI, child seats and additional facilities for children so that even the youngest can enjoy the ride. In addition, our drivers will be at your service and will help you with luggage at the airport or hotel.

If you need a consultation before booking a car hire or transfer, contact our Customer Service, which is at your service non-stop.

Transfer Montenegro - Croatia and Croatia - Montenegro; airports Podgorica, Tivat, Tirana

We provide the transfer service Gusinje - Dubrovnik and transfer Dubrovnik - Gusinje. The distance between Gusinje - Dubrovnik is 290 km away. We also offer a transfer service from Gusinje to Ćilipi International Airport, 311 km away. We offer transfer on the route Gusinje - Tivat 176 kilometers, Gusinje - Podgorica 97.5 km, Gusinje - Tirana 186 km. You will enjoy our safe cars, the service of a professional driver and the drive to the airport.

About Gusinje:

Gusinje is located in the eastern part of Montenegro. According to the 2011 census report, 1673 inhabitants lived in this municipality.

Information about Gusinje:

It is located near the border with Albania, at the confluence of the Vruje and the Grnčar River. It is located in the southwestern part of the Plav-Gusinje basin at about 900 meters above sea level, on 42 ° 33′26 ″ N 19 ° 50′01 ″ E / 42.557166 ° N 19.833666 ° E. Beneath the steep slopes of the mountain Prokletije from the south and Visitor from the north.

What to see in Gusinje:

  • Vizier's Mosque
  • The Church of St. George and the Catholic Church of St. Antun
  • Gusinje Ski Resorts
  • Ali-Pasha's Springs

Activities in Gusinje that we recommend:

Excursions - Montenegro Tourist Service

Hotels that we recommend in Gusinje:

Eco katun ROSI - Old Tower

Bungalows Katun Maja Karanfil

Ethno house Bektesevic

Restaurants that we recommend in Gusinje:

Restaurant & Bungalows

Abas Restaurant

Restaurant Krojet

A city surrounded by Prokletije, which can only be reached by one road

New experiences require effort. And the driving desire for new things makes that effort possible.

There is a place that can be reached by one and only road. Is it a desire to conquer the hidden landscapes under Prokletije? Only one road leads to Gusinje, but it certainly offers more than one experience. In prehistory, this site was used for settlements, as evidenced by three archaeological sites. One of them is an interesting and touching drawing carved in stone, thousands of years old. The engraved drawing represents a figure of a mother with children in her arms, and several figures in the immediate vicinity. Already on arrival in Gusinje, you feel an unusual experience. In the valley of the stream, on the mountain Valušnica, at about 1700 meters above sea level, you will be greeted by landscape blessings.

Gusinje is a very old settlement, as evidenced by the remains of water supply and sewerage from the Roman period. In the 14th century, the village of Gusino existed in the Plav parish, which is considered to be today's Gusinje.

Although the status of the municipality was obtained in 2014, these are only administrative changes, for one century-old settlement that can be reached only in one way.

Due to its diverse ethnic composition, Gusinje has a rich cultural and historical tradition. Throughout history, this one road that stretches along the line Shkodra-Duklja-Gusinje-Plav-Peć has been important. According to written sources, Gusinje was a rich, trading place, especially during the Ottoman rule. There is even information that during 350 years, Podgorica, Plav, Andrijevica, Murino, Berane, Rožaje and parts of northern Albania were under the rule of Gusinje.

Gusinje is a multiethnic and multicultural environment, with a lot of potential. Accordingly, this northern city of Montenegro comes to life in the summer with exclusive events. Gusinje Summer has traditionally been held since 2002, so in the peak season it gathers tourists and the diaspora for its cultural, entertainment, educational and sports content. In May, there is a folklore festival, The Mejra event, A Children's Masquerade Ball, while for several years now, the Emigrants' Days event has been held at the end of July. Then the people of Gusinje in dispersion gathered in this place.

What they especially emphasize as the beauty of their culture is the folk costume, rich in embroidery and color, while the traditional game of ćamlija, which contains a tool goose game for two with a rifle, is valued as an intangible cultural asset, which it is by nature. Gusinjska Omaha is a traditional custom, which is recognized abroad. It is interesting that on May 6th, St. George's Day and Omaha are celebrated at the same time, young people from Plav, Gusinje and the surrounding area gather on the river Bistračica, grab a liter of water, pick healthy flowers. They bring flowers and water to families, where they continue to wash and bathe children with water for health, happiness and family satisfaction. Then, they say, Gusinje promenade comes to life.

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