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Rent a Car Risan and Meet the Amazing Boka Bay

Risan car rental, transfer services and other Montenegro rent a car Risan

Rent a Car Risan - Montenegrocar agency is your best choice when it comes to car rental or transfer services in Risan. Our unique car hire service is what we are recognized for in Montenegro and the region. We offer Economy, Premium and Lux class cars, short-term or long-term rental services, airport transfer or transport to the desired location, anytime.

Whether you are traveling for work, pleasure or vacation, the Montenegrocar agency will meet all your wishes. Instead of public transport or taxi services in Risan, using rent a car Montenegro or transfer services will allow you more flexibility in exploring this beautiful city, as well as reduce the costs.

We proudly offer a specialized, accurate, personalized airport transfer service or transfer to the desired location. We especially emphasize the transfer service from the airports in Podgorica, Tivat, Dubrovnik and Tirana, quickly and efficiently.

Montenegrocar services in Risan

  • rent a car and car rental
  • transfers to and from the airport
  • driver transport services

Our fleet:

We offer a large number of various car models for every occasion. Once you have made a tour plan, you can contact us to get all the necessary information about the vehicles and choose the best quality and the best offer.

Lux class cars – Car rental Risan

Mercedes Benz Vito Tourer

Mercedes GLE

Toyota Land Cruiser

Premium car class – Rent a car Risan

Mazda CX-3

Škoda Superb

Mazda 3 Plus

Economy class cars – Transfer Risan

Toyota Yaris 1.5 VVT

Mazda 2

Volkswagen Polo 1.2

We provide special cars for every occasion in Montenegro, with the service of a personal driver. We have prepared a special business offer for corporate clients.

Our driver will be waiting for you at the agreed place, whether it is an airport, office, or hotel, and will provide you with a professional transport service to the desired location.

With our comfortable, safe vehicles, which you can rent at an affordable price, each of your trips will be a story for itself.

Travel with style and enjoy the comfort

All our cars are impeccably clean and regularly serviced, and after each use, they are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. While driving, cold refreshments are also available to all passengers.

For complete comfort and enjoyment of driving, at your request we can provide WI-FI, child seats and additional facilities for children so that even the youngest can enjoy the ride. In addition, our drivers will be at your service and will help you with luggage at the airport or hotel.

If you need a consultation before booking a car hire or transfer, contact our Customer Service, which is at your service non-stop.

Transfer Montenegro - Croatia and Croatia - Montenegro; airports Podgorica, Tivat, Tirana

We provide the Risan-Dubrovnik transfer service and the Dubrovnik-Risan transfer service for you. The distance between Risan and Dubrovnik is 74km, and the driving time is an hour and a little longer in the summer season. We also offer a shuttle service from Risan to Ćilipi International Airport, 53.2 km away. We offer transfer on the route Risan - Tivat 28.9 kilometers, Risan - Podgorica 103 km, Risan - Tirana 220 km. You will enjoy our safe cars, the service of a professional driver and the drive to the airport.

About Risan:

Risan (lat. Risinium, ingreek. Rhizon) is an urban settlement of Municipality of Kotor Montenegro, a small town in the Bay of Kotor. According to the list from2003. there were 2,083 inhabitants (according to the census from 1991there were 2,047 inhabitants). The geographical coordinates of the city are 42 ° 30 ′ 32 ″ N; 18 ° 41 ′ 26 ″ E.

Information about Risan:

Prehistoric drawings on the rock (in the village of Lipci, near Risan) are the oldest in Montenegro and testify that the Bay of Kotor was inhabited in the Late Stone Age, Early Bronze Age, 3000 BC (before the emergence of the Indo-European Illyrians). It is located in the far north of the Bay of Kotor, bordered on the south Risan Bay, and on the other sides the steep slopes characteristic of Dinaric system to which they belong.

What to see in Risan:

  • Lipci Cave
  • Church of St. Peter and Paul
  • Town of Crkvice

Accommodation in Risan that we recommend:

Apartments Stella del Mare  

Apartments Villa Illyrik

Apartments Jauković

Recommended restaurants in Risan:

Restaurant Risan

Caffe bar Hipnos

Recommended activities in Risan:

Excursions - Montenegro Tourist Service

A therapeutic experience that confirms that human was born to enjoy and rest

Tucked away in the hinterland of the Bay of Kotor, among the cliffs of Krivošija, there is a small place, Risan, bordered by a typical Dinaric system, sopot (explosive rush of water) and cave.

The limestone landscape, the deserts of the karst heritage, are unworked stone laces, different from the hewn and Perast, but equally wild, interesting for the curious view that remains in the ancient Risinium or Rizon. The city is mentioned in the 3rd century BC, it was founded by the Rizunites, an Illyrian tribe, while during the reign of Queen Teuta, it became the main center of her reign, which, according to historical sources, gave the Illyrians the "golden age" of the kingdom. The first mint of Illyrian money in the area of today's Montenegro was located here, and the spirit of that time, the replacement of ancient and modern civilizations, is due to the remains of ancient buildings, as well as the famous Roman mosaics.

In such an environment, when time seems to stand still and the barrels, which can be frequent, fall silent, you can reconstruct life of those before us, thanks to the remains of houses of Roman patricians, floor mosaics, of which the most famous in the Balkans, the mosaic Hipnosa - of the Roman god of dreams. Through the parish of Risan, they passed twice, for Akruvija, and through the people of Rijeka. The place has always been strategically important due to the proximity of the Bay of Kotor, the strait Verige, the borders shifted, so the Risan sides shortened the route between Duklja and Travunija.

Manifestations, especially in summer, attract many tourists to Risan, so Risan Nights, Risan Macaroni and Lazarus Saturday are the most important mass events of this coastal town in the hinterland.

What to visit in Risan:

Lipa Cave - is located in the hinterland of Lipci, and is recognizable by drawings from the eighth century BC. These are drawings of seven deer in a running position, each about 35 cm long, on the north side of the cave, about ten square meters. The prehistoric sign "swastika", a symbolic representation of the goddess of fertility, is drawn in yellow "ankra". Also, like everything in Risan, the cave is associated with the Illyrian queen Teuta, who, fleeing from the Romans, hid treasure stolen from the Greek colonizers inside the cave.

Church of St. Peter and Paul - in the city center there is a church, built in 1601. It is a complex made up of a small chapel, dedicated to St. Archangel Michael, and the city cemetery. The collection of icons of the masters of the Kotor Bay school, which is located in the church, is extremely valuable.

Town of Crkvice - Crkvice is recognizable by record rainfall at the European level. Namely, their position is on the eastern slopes of the mountain Orjen, and every year about 5000 ml / m2 of rain falls, and the thickness of the snow is 30 cm for 30 to 120 days a year.

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