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Rent a Car Kolašin - Go Skiing or Hiking and More

Car rental Kolašin, transfer services and Montenegro rent a car Kolašin

Rent a Car Kolašin - Montenegrocar agency is your best choice when it comes to car rental or transfer services in Kolašin. Our unique car hire service is what we are recognized for in Montenegro and the region. We offer Economy, Premium and Lux class cars, short-term or long-term rental services, airport transfer or transport to the desired location, anytime.

Whether you are traveling for work, pleasure or vacation, the Montenegrocar agency will meet all your wishes. Instead of public transport or taxi services in Kolašin, using rent a car Montenegro or transfer services will allow you more flexibility in exploring this beautiful city, as well as reduce the costs.

We proudly offer a specialized, accurate, personalized airport transfer service or transfer to the desired location. We especially emphasize the transfer service from the airports in Podgorica, Tivat, Dubrovnik and Tirana, quickly and efficiently.

Montenegrocar services in Kolašin:

  • rent a car and car rental
  • transfers to and from the airport
  • driver transport services

Our fleet:

We offer a large number of various car models for every occasion. Once you have made a tour plan, you can contact us to get all the necessary information about the vehicles and choose the best quality and the best offer.

Lux class cars - Rent a Car Kolasin

Mercedes Benz Vito Tourer

Mercedes GLE

Toyota Land Cruiser

Premium car class - Car rental Kolasin

Mazda CX-3

Škoda Superb

Mazda 3 Plus

Economy class cars - Transfer Kolasin

Toyota Yaris 1.5 VVT

Mazda 2

Volkswagen Polo 1.2

We provide special cars for every occasion in Montenegro, with the service of a personal driver. We have prepared a special business offer for corporate clients.

Our driver will be waiting for you at the agreed place, whether it is the airport, office, or hotel, and will safely take you to the desired location.

With our comfortable, safe vehicles, which you can rent at an affordable price, each of your trips will be a story for itself.

Travel with style and enjoy the comfort

All our cars are impeccably clean and regularly serviced, and after each use, they are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. While driving, cold refreshments are also available to all passengers.

For complete comfort and enjoyment of driving, at your request we can provide WI-FI, child seats and additional facilities for children so that even the youngest can enjoy the ride. In addition, our drivers will be at your service and will help you with luggage at the airport or hotel.

If you need a consultation before booking a car hire or transfer, contact our Customer Service, which is at your service non-stop.

Transfer Montenegro - Croatia and Croatia - Montenegro; airports Podgorica, Tivat, Tirana

We provide the Kolašin - Dubrovnik transfer service and the Dubrovnik - Kolašin transfer service for you. The distance between Kolašin and Dubrovnik is 217 km. We also offer a transfer service from Kolašin to the Ćilipi International Airport near Dubrovnik in Croatia, about 240 km away. We offer transfer on the route Kolašin - Tivat 149 kilometers, Kolašin - Podgorica 72 km, Kolašin - Tirana 230 km. You will enjoy our safe cars, the service of a professional driver and the drive to the airport.

About Kolašin:

Kolašin is located in the northeastern part of  Montenegro. According to the 2011 census, it had a population of 2,725 inhabitants. Many call Kolašin an air spa, due to its favorable climatic conditions, and it is one of the important tourist and transit centers of Montenegro.

Information about Kolašin

Kolašin ranks sixth in Montenegro with an area of 894 km². It spreads in the upper and middle flows of the rivers Tara and Morača. It is surrounded by mountain ridges and peaks of Sinjajevina, Bjelasica, Komovi and Vučje. The geographical coordinates of Kolašin extend to 42 ° 49′16 ″ N 19 ° 31′13 13 E / 42.821166 ° N 19.520166 ° E, and the city is located at 1016 meters altitude.

What to visit in Kolašin:

  • Biogradska gora
  • Morača Monastery
  • Ski center Kolašin 1450
  • Ski center Kolašin 1600

Activities in Kolašin that we recommend:

Excursions - Montenegro Tourist Service

Hotels that we recommend:

Bianca Resort & SPA

Four points by Sheraton Kolašin

Dream house hotel

Restaurants in Kolašin that we recommend:

Restaurant Vodenica

Restaurant Brile

Restaurant Viline vode

A unique air spa on the middle and upper reaches of the canyon pearls of Tara and Morača

Different forms of relief make the Kolašin municipality recognizable, because this city is bordered by the mountain ridges of Bjelasica, Sinjajevina, Kuči, Kapa Moračka, Komovi and Vučja.

According to historical sources, Kolašin was founded by the Turks in 1651, as their caravan station and fortification from the Coast to the North. Famous for how the Turks have been able to recognize suitable places for settlement throughout history, it has been strategically valorized. After the liberation, Kolašin, with its natural infrastructure, is still an important area of summer and winter tourism, with an emphasis on the forms of mountain offerings. For hiking lovers, the popular peaks are: Jablan (2203 m) on Sinjajevina, Troglava on Bjelasica (2075 m), as well as Zekova glava (2116 m) and Kapa Moračka (2227 meters altitude).

At the peaks you breathe best, and a little lower, the city center "breathes" Kolašin in a cultural and traditional way, so the following events are important: Breathe Kolašin - marks the beginning of the summer tourist season of this city, then Kolašin Tango Festival, of an international character, combination of tango and nature in the camp on Bjelasica. For winter sports fans, there is the Montenegro Ski Fest, then the popular International Festival of Alternative Theater - Korifej, as well as the art colony on Tara. In this air spa, every step is worth the effort, and the surroundings have many pearls of the tourist offer, which you will experience with enthusiasm.

Things to do in Kolašin:

Biogradska gora - National Park "Biogradska gora" connects an area of 5,400 hectares, the central part of the mountain Bjelasica, between Rijeka Tara and Lima, Kolasin municipality with the nearest neighbors, municipalities Andrijevica, Berane, Bijelo Polje and Mojkovac. A significant hub of natural rarities, Biogradska gora includes one of the three preserved rainforests in Europe, with trees up to four centuries old, over 45 meters thick. The main attraction is Lake Biograd, which Jovan Cvijić, a famous geographer, said is the most beautiful lake on the Balkan Peninsula.

It is interesting that in this part of Europe, it was placed under protection more than 125 years ago, because after the liberation, Moračani and Rovčani donated part of their forests on Biogradska gora to King Nikola, which was then characterized as "Prince's or king's ban". Today, three levels of protection have been established for Biogradska gora. In the first zone is a rainforest reserve that covers about 1,600 hectares. Everything that can disturb the spontaneous life of nature is forbidden here. The second zone is subject to strict protection of soil, water, flora and fauna, landscape, but grazing of livestock is allowed to the extent that pasture vegetation is maintained. The third zone, the contact zone, is intended for various types of tourism, production of healthy food, fishing and hunting, beekeeping, collection of medicinal plants.

Morača Monastery - On the right bank of the Morača River, a picturesque landscape plateau of a monumental canyon, there is the Morača temple, built in 1252 by the efforts of Stefan, son of Vukanov. The entire monastery complex consists of two churches - the main church enlarged to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and another smaller church dedicated to St. Nicholas. A special natural charm is that the stream Svetigora passes through the yard of the monastery, which then descends through the rocks, forming a beautiful waterfall, whose waterfalls flow into Morača. The interior of the monastery is fresco-painted, and one of the most famous is the fresco "Raven feeds Saint Elijah" from the 13th century. From this period, the fresco painting "Birth of Saint John the Baptist", "Anointing of kings and prophets" stands out. The depiction of Saint Luke and Sava on icons is considered to be the most valuable examples of icon painting on the Balkan Peninsula.

Ski center "Kolašin 1450" - 9 kilometers from the center, located in Bjelasica, where the first cable car was built. The highest peak, Crna Glava, is 2139 m high. The then Ski Center Bjelasica, after 2007, changed its name to Kolašin 1450.

Ski center "Kolašin 1600" - 12 kilometers from the town of Kolašin, or 2.3 kilometers from the ski center "Kolašin 1450". It got its name because of the altitude of the starting point of the six-seater cable car and the location where the restaurant "Troglava" is located. At 300 meters from the restaurant is the starting point of the six-seater folding cable car K8 manufactured by Doppelmayr, whose exit point is located at an altitude of 2,035 meters. From the exit point, visitors to the center can choose two downhill trails, the Vranjak trail, which is 1,750 meters long and is categorized as a red trail, and the Jagančar trail, which is 2,800 meters long, which is categorized as a blue trail. A children's ski lift is also provided for the youngest visitors.

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