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Blog 20.10.2023.

Echoes from the Peaks: Explore the Montenegro Mountains

Located along the Adriatic coast, Montenegro, often admired for its breathtaking beaches, harbours another world where towering peaks whisper tales of ancient times and verdant Montenegro mountains enchant every beholder. These mountains, mystical and serene, beckon explorers, nature lovers, and those seeking solace amidst the sublime beauty of elevated terrains. To freely traverse and experience the country, rent a car at Montenegrocar and choose your favourite vehicle from our vast fleet.

A UNESCO Gem of the North: Durmitor National Park

In the northern expanses, Durmitor National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site and part of the Dinaric Alps, unveils a tapestry of jagged peaks, pristine glacial lakes, and the deep Tara River Canyon, offering a treasure trove of activities from white-water rafting to immersive hikes through forests where time seems to stand still. Winter cloaks Durmitor in a pristine white veil, morphing it into a haven for skiers and snowboarders seeking the exhilaration of cascading down its snowy slopes, while the best period for hiking is from late spring to early autumn, when the trails are mostly free from snow, and the weather is more predictable.

Notable Peaks:

Bobotov Kuk - At 2,525 meters, this is the highest peak in the park. It's a popular hiking destination for many due to its panoramic views.

Savin Kuk - Standing at 2,313 meters, it's easily accessible via a chairlift from the nearby Savin Kuk ski centre, making it a favourite among both hikers and skiers.

Prutaš - Known for its distinct layered appearance, this 2,393-meter-high peak provides some of the best vistas of the park.

Hiking Trails:

Black Lake Loop - A relatively easy and family-friendly hike around the largest and most famous of the park's 18 glacial lakes.

Bobotov Kuk Trail - A challenging trek that rewards hikers with a breathtaking view from the top. Starting from the Sedlo Pass, this trail is around 8 km long.

Ice Cave and Planinica - This trail combines the wonders of Durmitor's captivating ice cave with the panoramic views from Planinica Peak.

Via Dinarica White Trail – The trail starts in Bosnia & Hercegovina. A section of the Via Dinarica trail passes through Durmitor, providing a more extended hiking experience that covers various terrains and landscapes.

Biogradska Gora National Park: A Sanctuary of Europe’s Last Rainforests

Shifting our gaze to Kolašin municipality and Biogradska Gora National Park, nature unfolds in its purest form. This sanctuary, one of the last three rainforests in Europe, brings together the tranquillity of Lake Biograd and the wilderness of virgin forest landscapes. Meandering trails through the park reveal a realm where humanity is but a visitor, and nature reigns supreme, crafting an unparalleled experience of rejuvenation and discovery. Bjelasica mountain range is also located here and is renowned for its soft, rolling contours. In the summer, the mountain blooms with verdant meadows and hosts a colourful palette of wildflowers.

Notable Peaks:

Crna Glava - The highest point of Bjelasica, Crna Glava stands at an elevation of 2,139 meters. It offers panoramic views of the park and the surrounding landscapes.

Zekova Glava and Troglava - Other significant peaks in the area, they provide excellent vantage points and are part of popular hiking routes.

Hiking Trails:

Crna Glava Hiking Trail - One of the most straightforward trails, tour will takes you on a hike to the highest peak of Bjelasica - Crna Glava.

Lake Biograd - Bendovac - The tour begins in the parking area of Lake Biograd and takes you along a macadam path through the National Park, ending at Dolovi Lalevića Katun, a quaint mountain hamlet comprising huts used by shepherds during the summer months.

Berane - Šiško Lake Trail - Starting near Berane, this trail leads to the picturesque Šiško Lake, nestled amid lush greenery

The Enchanting Wilderness of the Accursed Mountains

Venturing towards Prokletije (Accursed Mountains), an almost mythical ambience pervades through craggy peaks and secluded valleys. Hikers navigate through trails, encountering remote villages where the traditions and warmth of Montenegrin hospitality shine brightest, and where the connection between man and mountain is deeply woven through centuries of existence.

Hiking Trails:

Volušnica and Talijanka Peaks Trail - Starting from the Grebaje Valley in Montenegro, this route offers views of the Karanfili massif and the impressive cliffs of the Prokletije.

Peaks of the Balkans - This is a longer, multi-day trek that crosses through Montenegro, Albania, and Kosovo. The trail is around 192 kilometres long and provides an immersive experience of the region's natural beauty and cultural heritage.

Grebaje Valley Trails - Situated in Montenegro, the Grbaja Valley serves as a starting point for several trails leading to various peaks, including Karanfili.

Lovćen National Park: A Harmonious Blend of Montenegrin History and Natural Majesty

And then in the southwest of the country, there is Lovćen, the ‘Black Mountain’ that gave Montenegro its name. Majestically rising above the coastal city of Kotor, Lovćen National Park offers not only adventurous trails but also a journey through Montenegro’s proud history. The mausoleum of Petar II Petrović-Njegoš rests atop its second-highest peak, combining natural allure with a poignant tribute to one of the nation’s most revered figures.

Hiking Trails:

Mausoleum Trail - Starting from the parking area, this trail leads to the Mausoleum of Petar II Petrović-Njegoš, offering panoramic views from the top.

Ivanova Korita – Jezerski Vrh - This trail takes hikers from Ivanova Korita to Jezerski Vrh, the second-highest peak of Lovćen.

Lovćen Circular Trail - A moderately challenging route that loops around the mountain, giving hikers a comprehensive view of the landscape.

Kotor - Lovćen Marathon Trail - This trail connects Kotor and Lovćen, providing breathtaking views of the Bay of Kotor.

Cetinje – Lovćen - Starting in the old royal capital, this trail offers cultural insights and ends at Lovćen.

Njeguši Village to Lovćen National Park - A longer trek that connects the historical village of Njeguši with the peak of Lovćen.

Orjen and Rumija: The Mountains in the South

Enveloped in the lush and mystical landscapes of southern Montenegro, the mountains of Orjen and Rumija unfurl a scenic tapestry that enchants every wanderer. Orjen, lying adjacent to the sublime Bay of Kotor, beguiles visitors with its astounding biodiversity and the panoramic views from its peak, offering a unique blend of the azure Adriatic Sea and rugged mountain terrains. It is the home of Orjen Iris, a beautiful white flower.

Not far away, Rumija, gracefully towering over the ancient town of Bar, presents a sacred spot where local pilgrimages imbue the air with spirituality. This mountain holds tales of cultural syncretism, hosting a cross at its peak that is venerated by diverse religious communities. The hiking trails of Orjen and Rumija unravel through lush, fragrant meadows and beneath leafy canopies, offering solace and adventure in equal measure, while the viewpoints atop provide an uninterrupted harmony with nature’s beauty. Amidst these lofty ascents of the south, every step is a gentle whisper of Montenegro’s multifaceted beauty, echoing from the mountains to the spirit of the explorer.

Navigating through the ethereal landscapes of Montenegro mountains becomes a seamless adventure with Montenegrocar, your trusted travel companion. With a rich legacy of 15 years, this leading car rental agency in Montenegro ensures your journeys are smooth, safe, and utterly unforgettable. Every car in the diverse, high-quality fleet is a promise of reliability and safety, ensuring you explore the towering peaks and serene valleys with utter peace of mind. Discover the special offers that are currently available, secure your rental at unbeatable prices, and pave the way for a mountainous adventure where your ideal holiday comes vibrantly to life amid the majestic Montenegro mountains.

Whether it’s the adrenaline-fueled adventure of paragliding over stunning landscapes in Rumija or seeking spiritual tranquillity within the ancient walls of monasteries in the highlands, Montenegro mountains offer myriad experiences, each echoing the multifaceted beauty and soul of the nation.

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