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Blog 10.11.2023.

Portonovi: Europe's Coastal Paradise

As you embark on a journey to the illustrious Portonovi, nestled along the picturesque Montenegrin coastline and the heart of Boka Bay, MontenegroCar elevates your travel experience to match the splendor of your destination. Our fleet, featuring esteemed vehicles such as the Mercedes E Class, V Class, S Class and the versatile Mercedes GLE, ensures that your every need is catered to with luxury and comfort as you explore this slice of paradise. Portonovi, a community that pulsates with adventure and elegance, invites you to immerse in the tranquility of a seaside sanctuary or discover the wild beauty of a UNESCO World Heritage site that is The Bay of Kotor.

Portonovi - A Glimpse into Luxury

Portonovi stands as a seamless fusion of natural wonder and crafted luxury. This is a destination where history, culture, and modernity intertwine gracefully, creating a unique lifestyle amidst Europe's most spectacular coastlines. With luxurious holiday apartments available for rent, Portonovi is an invitation to indulge in a life of opulence, whether for a weekend, a week, or to lay down roots for a lifetime.

At the intersection of wild beauty and refined living, Portonovi isn't just about the residences. It embodies the very essence of Montenegrin charm. The pristine waters of the Adriatic, framed by soaring peaks, offer a retreat where every moment is a revelation, and life feels inherently richer. It's where time slows down, allowing you to savor each experience, each breathtaking view, each serene moment.

With homes that speak the language of luxury, the world-class Portonovi marina, and the on-site presence of the renowned One&Only resort, Portonovi isn't just a location—it's your portal to all the enchanting experiences that Boka Bay and its untouched lands have in store.

Portonovi - Top Cafés to Visit

Each Porto Novi cafe has its unique charm, catering to a range of experiences from the vibrant and musical to the peaceful and refined. Whether you are looking to relax or work, these cafes provide the perfect atmosphere to do so:

Maison du Monde Lounge Bar

Discover the epitome of relaxation at Maison du Monde, where a convivial atmosphere greets every guest seeking both leisure and an ambient work environment. Nestled in a serene corner, this lounge bar is a fusion of classic indulgence with live music, and an assortment of drinks, hookahs, and cigars. The welcoming spirit of 'Maison' - the French word for home - truly embodies the global soul of hospitality, inviting you to unwind in comfort or engage in productive work hours with its inspiring backdrop.


Embark on a delightful Italian journey with GODO Piacere Italiano, founded on a passion for high-quality culinary creations. Here, the spirit of 'GODO' - translating to the joyous expression 'I feel pleasure' - resonates through the cafe. It's an ideal locale for those who appreciate a quiet spot to savor the richness of Italian espresso or indulge in a selection of gelato and pastries while focusing on work. The ambiance, infused with Italian zest, makes it perfect for both informal meetings and tranquil solo work sessions.


Koffein blends tradition with modernity, presenting a unique spot for coffee aficionados and professionals alike. This cafe boasts a selection of freshly-roasted coffee, premium tea, and refreshing juices. With its award-winning barista equipment and knowledgeable staff, Koffein's environment is crafted for excellence. The interior, a marriage of classic and contemporary design, complete with ambient music, sets a stimulating stage for work and relaxation alike.


Caminetti offers an inviting escape within the opulent One&Only Portonovi. It's where European elegance meets the comfort of 'little fireplaces' - an ambience conducive to both social and solitary experiences. Whether you're looking to enjoy a casual business meeting over Asian tapas or seeking a cozy corner to work amidst the aroma of loose-leaf teas and French pastries, Caminetti caters to your needs. The beautiful vistas and the gentle murmur of conversation provide a splendid backdrop for both productivity and leisure.

Working Hours: 16:00 - 23:00

Culinary Delights - Best Restaurants in Portonovi

Portonovi’s dining scene is as diverse as it is exquisite, with a selection of restaurants that promise an unforgettable gastronomic journey:

Konoba Restaurant

Embrace the warmth of traditional Montenegrin cuisine at Konoba Restaurant. This quaint eatery offers a genuine taste of local culinary traditions, highlighting the simple yet robust flavors that Montenegro is known for. The rustic ambiance, complete with stone walls and wooden beams, sets the stage for a menu filled with local cheeses, cured meats, and freshly baked bread. The grilled seafood and meats, prepared over an open flame, bring out the natural flavors that have been passed down through generations.

La Veranda Restaurant

La Veranda Restaurant serves up a breezy dining experience with its open-air setting and panoramic views of the Mediterranean. Specializing in Italian cuisine, La Veranda's menu features a symphony of handmade pastas, wood-fired pizzas, and an array of antipasti that showcase the rich flavors of Italy. Guests can enjoy a relaxed, alfresco meal while savoring the fresh, high-quality ingredients that make Italian fare beloved around the world.

Square Restaurant

Located in the luxurious Portonovi Resort, Square Restaurant is renowned for its fusion of Middle Eastern and Western Mediterranean cuisines. The expertise of Chef Nikola Markotanović is evident in the unique flavors that grace the menu, from spiced lamb dishes to exquisite falafel. This five-star venue promises an unforgettable dining experience, offering an atmosphere of opulence and a menu that caters to a discerning palate.

Noa Restaurant

Noa Restaurant stands out with its avant-garde approach to dining, combining innovative gastronomy with a lively atmosphere. It's not just a place to eat but an entertainment venue that offers a mix of exciting flavors and upbeat music. The menu at Noa is a testament to modern fusion cuisine, providing an eclectic selection that aims to surprise and engage all the senses.

Nautical Elegance - The Marina and Yacht Club

Portonovi Marina: The Gateway to Adriatic Splendor

Portonovi Marina is not just a mooring spot but a statement of luxury and exclusivity. Designed to cater to the elite, this marina offers 238 berths for yachts up to 120 meters in length, providing ample space for some of the world's most magnificent vessels. With its state-of-the-art facilities, every need is anticipated and met with a touch of elegance. The chic atmosphere is complemented by the unique architecture that echoes the surrounding Mediterranean landscape, offering a harmonious blend of nautical adventure and the comfort of home.

Portonovi Yacht Club: Sailing with Prestige

At the heart of the marina's vibrant social scene lies the Portonovi Yacht Club, an establishment that prides itself on promoting competitive sailing and providing an unparalleled social experience. The club boasts a robust calendar of events, including the signature Portonovi regatta "Boka Islands," which not only tests the skills of the most discerning sailors but also celebrates the camaraderie and spirit of the sea. Portonovi Yacht Club is the quintessential setting for sharing tales of the sea, forming lasting friendships, and creating memories that are as vast and deep as the waters it sails.

One & Only Resort – Overview of the Luxury Hotel

The One&Only resort offers an escape into a world of luxury and elegance and is the crown jewel of Portonovi. The resort is designed to captivate with its blend of natural beauty and refined comforts, providing guests with an exclusive waterfront experience.

One & Only Accommodations: Guests at One&Only Portonovi can indulge in an array of accommodation options:

Each space is crafted to create a sense of tranquility and privacy, with interiors that reflect the cultural heritage of Montenegro blended with contemporary luxury.


Culinary delights are an integral part of the One&Only experience. The resort features a collection of restaurants led by world-renowned chefs. From local seafood specialties to international gourmet dishes, the dining experiences are as diverse as they are exquisite. We would like to highlight the following restaurants:

Sabia is where the vibrant flavors of Italy and the essence of Sardinia are brought to life by the culinary prowess of Chef Alessandro Mordini. At Sabia, every dish is a testament to the rich tapestry of Italian gastronomy, interwoven with a modern twist that surprises and delights. Sabia isn't just about the food—it's about the experience. Dine al fresco while live music sets the mood against the enchanting Montenegrin sunsets. With a newly unveiled menu each spring, the restaurant offers delightful flavors of Italy. The extensive wine cellar, boasting over 300 labels, offers the perfect companion to every meal.

Tapasake is a destination that promises to be the heart of One&Only Portonovi. It is a place where the panoramic views of the bay and the Adriatic stretch endlessly, setting a spectacular scene for an extraordinary dining experience. Here, guests indulge in a seamless blend of Japanese-Peruvian cuisine, a tasteful testament to the resort's commitment to providing a global palate with a dash of the avant-garde. The ambiance at Tapasake is nothing short of electric, with its chic lifestyle and eclectic mixology.

Wellness and Spa:

One&Only Portonovi redefines wellness with its exclusive Chenot Espace, offering tailored health journeys through the Chenot Method. Guests enjoy bespoke treatments, from detoxification and nutrition to fitness and spa therapies, aimed at enhancing vitality. Here, wellness is a personalized experience, ensuring guests leave not just refreshed, but also equipped with knowledge for continued health and mindfulness.

Check out the Chenot Espace pricelist for current offers and prices.

Planning Your Visit to Portonovi with MontenegroCar

With its breathtaking views, world-class amenities, and unparalleled hospitality, Portonovi stands out as a jewel in the Adriatic. It is a place where every moment is crafted to be memorable, every view is meant to be savored, and every experience is designed to be cherished.

Ready to explore the majestic beauty of Portonovi? Contact MontenegroCar for all your transportation needs and make your journey as seamless as your destination promises to be. Experience Montenegro in style and comfort and book a car rental today.

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