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Blog 20.06.2023.

Rent a Car Rozaje - Flexible and Easy Online Booking

Car rental Rožaje, transfer services and Montenegro rent a car Rožaje

Rent a Car Rožaje - Montenegrocar agency is your best choice when it comes to car rental or transfer services in Rožaje. Our unique car hire service is what we are recognized for in Montenegro and the region. We offer Economy, Premium and Lux class cars, short-term or long-term rental services, airport transfer or transport to the desired location, anytime.

Whether you are traveling for work, pleasure or vacation, the Montenegrocar agency will meet all your wishes. Instead of public transport or taxi services in Rožaje, using rent a car Montenegro or transfer services will allow you more flexibility in exploring this beautiful city, as well as reduce the costs.

We proudly offer a specialized, accurate, personalized airport transfer service or transfer to the desired location. We especially emphasize the transfer service from the airports in Podgorica, Tivat, Dubrovnik and Tirana, quickly and efficiently.

Montenegrocar services in Rožaje

  • rent a car and car rental
  • transfers to and from the airport
  • driver transport services

Our fleet:

We offer a large number of various car models for every occasion. Once you have made a tour plan, you can contact us to get all the necessary information about the vehicles and choose the best quality and the best offer.

Lux class cars - Rent a Car Rozaje

Mercedes Benz Vito Tourer

Mercedes GLE

Toyota Land Cruiser

Premium car class - Car rental Rozaje

Mazda CX-3

Škoda Superb

Mazda 3 Plus

Economy class cars - Transfer Rozaje

Toyota Yaris 1.5 VVT

Mazda 2

Volkswagen Polo 1.2

We provide special cars for every occasion in Montenegro, with the service of a personal driver. We have prepared a special business offer for corporate clients.

Our driver will be waiting for you at the agreed place, whether it is an airport, office, or hotel, and will provide you with a professional transport service to the desired location.

With our comfortable, safe vehicles, which you can rent at an affordable price, each of your trips will be a story for itself.

Travel with style and enjoy the comfort

All our cars are impeccably clean and regularly serviced, and after each use, they are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. While driving, cold refreshments are also available to all passengers.

For complete comfort and enjoyment of driving, at your request we can provide WI-FI, child seats and additional facilities for children so that even the youngest can enjoy the ride. In addition, our drivers will be at your service and will help you with luggage at the airport or hotel.

If you need a consultation before booking a car hire or transfer, contact our Customer Service, which is at your service non-stop.

Transfer Montenegro - Croatia and Croatia - Montenegro; airports Podgorica, Tivat, Tirana

We provide for you the transfer service Rožaje - Dubrovnik and the transfer Dubrovnik - Rožaje. The distance between Rožaje and Dubrovnik is 316 km. We also offer a transfer service from Rožaje to the International Airport Ćilipi, about 325 km away, We offer transfer on the route Rožaje - Tivat 261 km, Rožaje - Podgorica 173 km, Rožaje - Tirana 281 km. You will enjoy our safe cars, the service of a professional driver and the drive to the airport.

About Rožaje

Rožaje is a municipality in the northeastern part Montenegro and belongs to the Montenegrin part of Sandžak. According to the 2011 census, it had a population of 9,422.

Information about Rožaje

It is located in a valley at 1006 meters above an altitude. The city is crossed by a river Ibar, clear springs and fast streams rich in fish. In addition to the beautiful and wild mountains that surround Rožaje, in the south there is impressive Hajla. The geographical coordinates of Rožaje extend to 42 ° 50 ′ 23 ′ ′ N, 20 ° 10 ′ 04 ′ ′ E.

What to see in Rožaje:

  • Grope Mountain Lodge
  • Excursion site Bandžov and Rujišta
  • Štedim
  • Ganića Tower

Activities in Rožaje that we recommend:

Excursions - Montenegro Tourist Service

Hotels that we recommend in Rožaje:

Jela Natural Resort

Sastanci - Grahovača

Recommended restaurants in Rožaje:

Kero Restaurant

Restaurant Duga

Northeastern "Rog" or "Musafir House" for the intentional: "If Constantinople burned down, Rožaje would raise it"

In the 7th century, this part of the Southern Balkans was inhabited by Slavs. They formed a settlement - the forerunner of Rožaje.

There are several unexplored archeological sites near Rožaje. They contain the remains of the Illyrian, Roman, Greek and Nemanjić periods. The Illyrian settlement was on Brezovačko brdo, Gradina on Krstači, Bačevac Sastanci in Bašča, Otaševo brdo and Gospodjin vrh in Biševo.

There are numerous legends about how Rožaje got its name. By one saying, they got their name when the Ottoman Empire expanded to these parts. Other sources claim that they are named after two horn-shaped limestones, which are located near the Granić Tower. And some testify that the town was previously called Trgovište and it was the center of the cattle trade, which is why Rožaje got its current name.

Trade was extremely developed during the 18th and 19th centuries. The wealth of the merchants of this area was heard far and wide. The motto dates from that period: "If Constantinople burned down, Rožaje would raise it". In 1892, the French travel writer Ami Bue passed through this area. He wrote in his testimonies that Rožaje has even 60 houses. During the Ottoman Empire, it included part of Bihor, Pešter and the Novi Pazar area. The town is often called the "Musafir House", because the people of Rožaje are the hosts even during favorable winds and historical storms. This has been confirmed for decades and centuries and so the rest has been written down.

The daily chronicle is filled with manifestations of different, but extremely affirmative character: Memorial ascent to Hajla (Safet Mavrić-Ćako), Jeep photo safari - Hajla, Days of mushrooms and medicinal herbs, International Festival Zlatna pahulja, Mountain Marathon The day of Hajla, Rožaje Cultural Summer, September Days of Culture, Winter - tourist car race, Literary meetings Miroslav Đurovic, Art Salon of the Art Club Kula, Manifestation Diaspora Days, Manifestation Experience Rožaje.

What to visit:

Grope Mountain Lodge - is located at the foot of Hajla, 1900 meters with an epochal view of the surrounding mountains and Rožaje. The home contains a large hall on the first floor with a kitchen and an authentic interior reminiscent of a private museum, which is equipped with objects and old furniture reminiscent of a small private museum.

Excursion site Bandžov and Rujišta - Bandžov is also located in the foothills of Hajla, at 1400 meters, where the katuns, mountain lodge Jelančica, restaurant Dermano, towers, and mountain houses are arranged. At Ruijište, where the lake of the same name is at 1500 meters above sea level, in the village of Biševo, there is a beautiful view of Gospodjin vrh, where the church of the same name, and the endowment of the legendary Jelena Anžujska.

Štedim - a mountain plateau located between the mountains Ahmica, Žlijeb and Rusulija, which stretches from 1700 to 2000 m, with pastures, the edges of limestone rocks. As it connects the ridges of Hajla and Žlijeb, it is an excellent location for the development of mountain-rural tourism and mountain sports.

Ganića kula - or one of the youngest museums in Montenegro. The local museum is located in the adapted Ganić tower, which differs from the original one, and also adorns the emblem of the municipality of Rožaje. It contains rich material chlorite from the Rožaje region from the 17th to the beginning of the 20th century.

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