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Blog 28.11.2023.

Guide to Car Rental for Young Drivers - Under 25

If you're under 25 and looking to rent a car, you might find yourself navigating through a maze of rules and fees. But don't let this deter you; Montenegrocar has got you covered. Our policies are designed to provide you with the freedom of the open road while maintaining a commitment to safety and responsibility. Here's what young adventurers should know before revving up the engine.

Understanding the Age Policy and Driver's Fee

For a young driver (under 25) to rent a car with Montenegrocar, they need to have at least 2 years of active driving experience under their belt. Why? Because experience on the road matters, and we aim to ensure that all our drivers have the requisite skills to navigate safely.

Yes, there is a driver's fee for renters under 25. Even if you've just celebrated your 25th birthday, we'll need to confirm that you've been actively driving for those crucial 2 years.

The Under 25 Driver’s Fee is 10 €/day.

The Reason Behind the Under-25 Fee

So, why do car rental agencies, including Montenegrocar, charge this fee? Statistics have shown that younger drivers are more prone to accidents. With less experience, the responsibility and risk factors can be significantly higher compared to those who have been driving for longer. This isn't to say young drivers aren't capable, but the fee acts as an additional layer of security, fostering trust between the renter and the agency.

Vehicle Selection and Renting Luxury Cars

At Montenegrocar, while we offer a variety of vehicles to suit your tastes, from sleek sedans to roomy SUVs, we do take extra precautions with luxury or high-performance vehicles. If a young renter's demeanour seems frivolous, or if there's any concern about their driving capabilities, the agent may decide not to rent a high-end model. This policy is in place for the protection of both the driver and the vehicle.

Payment Policies and Protecting Financial Information

We insist that the name on the credit card used for rental matches the name of the person driving. This policy prevents the misuse of financial information or wrongful liability. For Example: For instance, consider a scenario where two friends are traveling together. One of them makes the reservation, but the other provides a credit card for the deposit. If the friend who made the reservation happens to damage the car, the expenses are charged to the card of the other friend. This is deemed unfair because there is no guarantee that the friend who caused the damage will reimburse the other. It's about accountability and respect for all parties involved.

The idea of the under-25 fee is not to penalize, but to safeguard. There's no need for concern; in most cases, the rental process for young drivers is as straightforward as for anyone else. To our loyal young customers who have demonstrated responsibility and trustworthiness, Montenegrocar is pleased to offer a "loyalty discount," which may come in the form of waiving the under-25 fee.

At Montenegrocar, we believe in empowering all drivers, regardless of age. With the keys to one of our vehicles in hand, the roads of Montenegro await.

For more information and to start your journey with confidence, explore our young driver rental options today. Hit the road with Montenegrocar, where your next adventure is just a drive away.

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