Wondering if Car Rental Different Drop Off is Possible?

  • You can return the car in our branch office or in other locations, which is subject to an consent by our staff, and the agency can charge extra for this service, in accordance to the price list.

  • You can return the car before the scheduled deadline, but in that case we do not refund the money paid.

  • You can pay for the rental service in cash at one of our branches, by credit card or by direct bank transfer the agency's bank account.

  • If you have insurance and the necessary documentation for the type of damage, you will not have to pay for it. In the event that the damage is not covered by additional insurance, it will be charged in accordance with pre-defined rates and category of rented car, from the deposit that has been reserved on your credit card when you picked up the car. You should also pay an administrative fee for processing the damage according to the valid price list.Upon return of the vehicle, you need to submit documents such as a police report, a record of an alcohol test, a completed European accident report, etc., and fill out an accident statement at our office.

  • If you have a car insurance with another company or insurance company, it is important that you perform the complete procedure (do an alcohol test, fill out the European report) and ask us for copies of the submitted documentation and the invoice for the damage when you return the car. You should submit all the above documentation and invoice to the company or insurance company with which you have insurance, in order to reimburse the amount of costs incurred. Please contact our Customer Service for the necessary additional documentation.

  • If there is a need for an additional charge, you will be notified about it in advance by email. Some of the reasons for the additional charge may be:

    * Fines for improper parking during car rental;

    * Misdemeanor fines issued during car rental;

    * Damage to the car or return of the car with less fuel than agreed.

  • The deposit left in cash is returned immediately upon you return the car.

  • Your comments will help us be even better. Please send all your comments and recommendations to info@montenegrocar.me.

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